Building on the fundraising success of Minnesota Gun Rights, Ben Dorr recently branched out to another conservative cause through creation of Minnesotans for Life. So far the group consists of a Facebook page, but knowing Ben Dorr, this will grow into a full-fledged attempt to raise money from well-meaning pro-lifers in Minnesota who will be sympathetic to his rhetoric.

Since the moment Roe vs. Wade was handed down by the U.S. Supreme Court, the Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) has been leading the fight for the pro-life cause at the capitol. Working with pro-life legislators from both parties, the MCCL has been behind all of the major legislative victories including passage of the Woman’s Right to Know Act in 2003.

Incredibly, Ben Dorr is claiming that the MCCL and all pro-life legislators have been supporting taxpayer funding of abortions in Minnesota through passage of the biennial state budget. It sounds outrageous that all pro-life legislators support taxpayer funding of abortion in Minnesota and the leading pro-life advocacy group is covering for them. It sounds outrageous because it is outrageous. And untrue.

It is sadly true that taxpayer funds are used to pay for abortions in Minnesota, but it is outrageously false to claim Minnesota legislators can do anything about it. The Minnesota Supreme Court ruled in their 1995 case Doe v. Gomez that if the state funded childbirth for women on Medicaid, it must also fund abortion. We agree with Ben Dorr that this is a terrible outcome for Minnesota, but there is absolutely nothing the legislature can do to overturn this Supreme Court decision.

In fact, the Republican-controlled Minnesota House and Senate passed laws banning taxpayer funding of abortion in 2011-12 and 20017-18. Both attempts were vetoed by Governor Mark Dayton.

Ben Dorr and all sincere pro-lifers should focus on putting a pro-lifer in the Governor’s office in 2022 so they can appoint conservatives to the Minnesota Supreme Court to overturn this horrible decision. Based on past practice in Minnesota and other states, it is unlikely Dorr and his new group Minnesotans for Life will spend any time or money working to overturn Doe v. Gomez.

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