Scamming is a family affair for brothers Ben Dorr, Chris Dorr and Aaron Dorr. They work together in several states creating pro-second amendment groups that on the surface look like grass roots lobbying efforts, but in reality are just fundraising schemes with little to no influence on actual public policy.

In each state, their methods are the same: build a Facebook and email following by creating the false impression that Republicans and conservatives aren’t doing enough to promote and defend the Second Amendment. They write long emails and produce Facebook videos pretending to hold legislators accountable in state capitols from St. Paul to Des Moines to Columbus. But in each state, conservative legislators who actually participate in the daily fight for our Second Amendment rights report the Dorr brothers have absolutely zero influence on the process.

The key component of each Dorr brother communication is a fundraising pitch so they can continue their nonexistent fight for your rights. The money they raise goes into their pockets, not to influence public policy or help conservative candidates win elections.



Others have been working to expose the scamming done by the Dorr brothers across the Midwest.

In MinnesotaFOX 9 ran a story last year about Minnesota Gun Rights’ non-profit status being revoked by the state.

In Iowathere is a Facebook page dedicated to exposing the fraud of the Dorr brothers and their group Iowa Gun Owners. An Iowa legislator spoke out against the Dorr brothers on the floor of the House during debate on successful pro-gun legislation. And there’s a new website tracking the Dorr brothers’ fraud.

In Ohio, the Cleveland Plain Dealer chronicled the Dorr bothers’ efforts in Ohio.

The NRA has denounced these frauds, calling the Dorr brothers’ network of schemes “the classic bait-and-switch”.