MCCL Weighs In On Scammers With Email To Membership

The Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life (MCCL) recently sent an email to their membership calling out the new scam being orchestrated by Ben Dorr under the guise of “Minnesota Right to Life.” MCCL is the only recognized affiliate of the National Right to Life organization and has been fighting for the rights of the unborn for over 50 years.

Like many others, the MCCL got tired of hearing from well-meaning pro-lifers who are confused about this new group and their influence and motives. Here is the full text of their email:

Dear Pro-Life Friend,

In the last couple months, a group called “Minnesota Right to Life” has emerged on Facebook, and it recently sent out a fundraising letter asking for money.

This group is a scam created by the Dorr brothers, well-known scammers who have created fake groups (both gun rights groups and pro-life groups) in a number of different states. You can learn more about the Dorr brother scams at and

Despite its deceptive name, Minnesota Right to Life is not affiliated in any way with the National Right to Life Committee. MCCL is the sole Minnesota affiliate of the National Right to Life Committee. All of us who are part of MCCL have been working to protect innocent human life since 1968, and we will continue to do so long after the Dorr brothers have moved on to their next con.

Minnesota Right to Life has been making false allegations about pro-life legislators and MCCL, and has sought to raise money from well-meaning pro-life people by touting a bill that it falsely asserts could immediately end abortion. You can find responses to these dishonest claims by clicking here.

Please share this email with other pro-life Minnesotans you know—so no one is misled by these scammers!

Thank you,

Leo F. LaLonde, President, MCCL